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Let me guess...

You have heard somewhere that you could make money on Amazon by publishing books...and you got curious

Probably "Someone" told you that you could make money publishing "BLANK  BOOKS", so you started publishing them ...... but got 0 results...or made very few sales.

Well, that's because you need at least 1000 books or more to make $200 + a month.

Now, to be fair, you can make money with low-content books, but the amount of books that you have to publish is HUGE...Thousands of books.

🚫 What nobody tells you is that 0 Content Books are Not well seen by Amazon, since you are literally Spamming their platform with the same content over and over again...

Imagine, there are plenty of people, just like you, that are publishing "lined paper journals"... uploading 30 books or more a day, trying to make some money...but if Amazon would allow that the end of 2030, their marketplace would be totally overcrowded by lined paper journals.

Spamming the platform will get your account BANNED in a millisecond 🚧⛔

What about creating real books, with great content?

For over 3 years I’ve published books on the Amazon market.

During that time I've tested a number of techniques & strategies that have helped me outpace my competition, scale my business and most importantly sell a lot of books!

I have condensed my 3 years of experience ...I KNOW WHAT WORKS...and what doesn't


Those techniques are compiled into "The Bestseller Academy".

So you may be left wondering… how do I know this is real?

Let me show you my recent sales…

With over $200k in sales & 3+ years of experience, I’ve managed to condense all of my techniques, skills & strategies into an “all-in-one” course that will guide you to success.

Now... with so many KDP courses on the market...

What makes "The Bestseller Academy" unique?

🔵TBA focuses on high-content books over low-content. Quality over quantity.

High-content books can be fiction or nonfiction and are a great way to give your readers a real value for their money!

And whilst high-content books may require more attention to detail.

They also have hidden benefits:
✅ Less likely to get your account banned

✅Potentially higher profit margins

✅A much longer shelf life than low-content books

✅ and less saturated niche markets!

So how does this course work? Read below.

The most comprehensive video course on self-publishing

With "The Bestseller Academy" you’ll have access to over 3+ years of self-publishing experience packed into:

🟠 46+ video lectures

🟠 Multiple PDF guides

🟠 Bonus content on profitable niches

🟠 And much more!

All of which is downloadable, you can learn anywhere at any time!

What you will learn:

Keyword research - Push your books to the top of the page by utilizing keywords that appease Amazon’s search algorithms.

Book interior creation - Learn how to design your own book interiors and create original books for your readers.

Cover design - Design your own book covers to give your work a unique appeal to potential customers.

Outsourcing - Save your time and resources by outsourcing certain tasks to other creators.

Amazon Ads strategy - Learn how to market your books to new customers with Amazon's Ads program.

Promotion & Launch - Understand the power of promotion before launching your products to the market.

Business scaling - Rapidly expand your business through a variety of strategies & techniques!

And that's not all...

In addition to the above you will also receive two bonus eBooks:

🎁 "Niche goldmine ebook" (1000+ profitable niches!)

🎁 "Low content domination ebook" (Fully original content!)

All of this for just $20!



Who is this course for?

This course is designed for sellers of all skill levels including:

Beginners - Little startup costs & low risk combined with an easy learning curve.

Intermediates - Already familiar with KDP? Then you can improve your skills!

Advanced - For those with an established business, this course will help you scale!

Who is this course not for?

“The Bestseller Academy” is not a get rich quick scheme.🚫

Easy money does not exist in the Amazon marketplace, this course will give you all the tools you need to be successful but it requires patience & hard work.

If you're looking to:

⛔ Make fast profits

⛔ Chase trends (shiny object syndrome)

⛔ Spam low-content books

This course will not be the right one for you. 🚧

Unless you have any further questions, it’s time to get started.


How long do I have access?

'The bestseller academy' is a one-time purchase that grants you access immediately to all

course material that can be viewed online or offline.

How do I access my training?

Once your purchase has been completed you will receive a Welcome Email with a link to your new training course!

I haven't received an email after the purchase.

Check your spam folder or E-mail me with your receipt and I'll send you a new link!


Due to the nature of instant downloads, I have a 'No refund' policy on this product.

Only one thing left for you to do now... Hit the "I want this" button and let's get started.

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Learn How To Make Money by Self Publishing Books on Amazon KDP

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Bestseller Academy - Create a Business By Publishing Books on Amazon KDP

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